Who We Are


Our vision

Is to be the leading incoming tourism agency in responsible travel in South America, dedicated to offering our visitors/curstomers unique, local, and longlasting travel experiences.

Our mission

Is to INSPIRE individual and group travellers with a unique responsible travel experience that will last in their memories for ever.

We CREATE VALUE by combining traditional tourist attractions with local interaction and momentos of real culture exchange.

We MAKE A DIFFERENCE by raising awareness for the environment and the local economy, respecting the culture and the people and contributing to social projects in need.

We RESPECT and treat fairly each and every one of our big family: members of the ANDA staff, local providers of services and products and our clientes.

Our philosophy

We believe that all positive change starts with the first step and with ourselves.

What may seem a small thing at first will grow quickly if only we truly believe in it and if we can inspire others to help us achieve a common goal.

Being responsable to us starts with the PEOPLE, with treating each other with respect and accepting our differences. We reflect this believe in our big ANDA family by creating a positive work enviromente where everyones ideas and opinions are welcomed.

We transmite this believe to our clientes by working with local providers, guides, artist and communities and inviting our travellers to get the know them face to face, ask questions and generate a real cultural and social exchange.

Furthermore, being responsable implies taking care of the beautiful world we live in, protecting NATURE and wildlife by saving energy and reduce polution.

In our green office we live by the rules of recylcing waste, reducing the use of energy and paper. Passing it on to our travellers, we advise them to help by going on walking tours, use ground transportation where possible and sleep in ecologically friendly hotels or homes. Last but not least, being responsable to us means supporting the local ECONOMY and helping it grow more stable by creating jobs in our office and working with LOCAL operators, from transportation to guides, hotels and tour operators. Thanks to the people that travel with ANDA, this goal will be achieved step by step, day by day.

Before anything else, we are responsible for ourselves and for the decisions we make. ANDA believes in the possibility of a fairer and more sustainable world where there is room for everyone. All we have to do, is start with ourselves by making fair choices and responsable decisions.


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